Sheffield Schools Raspberry Pi Bank Launch


This Friday sees the launch of our Pi Bank: a set of 20 kits containing Pi rigs that are now available for short-term loan to Sheffield schools and others:

Kit Pile

Each kit has a Pi, power supplies (inc. for batteries etc.), screen adapters (VGA and DVI) and GPIO cabling:

A Pi Kit

In addition there are 10 Pi cameras, 10 audio cards and 10 simple robot kits.

Funding has been provided by the University's outreach programme and by Pimoroni:

Kit Label

James Wallbank of Access Space and Brian dropped in to see the new kits and talk about James' and John Moseley's geodesics and 3D scanning exhibits for the Resilient Cultures event at the Festival of the Mind this Friday and Saturday:

James and Brian

And I learned how to do timer selfies with my new FairPhone :-)

Hamish With Kits

Come and join us on Saturday 20th September (10.30am to 2pm) at Firth Hall.

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