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Pi.GATE.ac.uk is two things wrapped up together:

The blog is in the usual format... just hit the front page, check out the articles, their tags, etc., and see what you find...

The projects list is here.

Dramatis Personae

Hamish Cunningham


Every night Hamish creeps out from under a rock in the basement of the University of Sheffield's CS department and turns into an open hardware wannabe with Pi pretensions.

He's working on tutorial materials for various Pi-based projects on pi.gate.ac.uk.


This is his corner of the workshop:

Tracey Emin's bed

Fred Sonnenwald


Fred is a PhD student in Civil Engineering, which he says is quite similar to lego with lots of hard sums added.

Fred wants a quadcopter for his next birthday.




Peter Wallis

Pete's hoover


Pete is an old school electronics hacker and AI boffin with an unusual taste in household applicances — he's working on a hoover he can talk to. (Perhaps so it can't run away in the middle of the conversation?!)

Do not press the red button on Pete's home page.


When you take an EEG image of Pete's brain it looks like this:


Helen Beetham

Helen Beetham

Helen is an eLearning guru who's working on filling the skills gap between the UK's ambitions to replace word processing with something actually worth knowing on the one hand, and the ability of our schools to start teach computing at very short notice on the other.


Tandem++ (Cycling on Dartmoor is easier if you bring your friends, apparently.)

Lubo Bonchev

Lubomir Bonchev

Lubo has worked on everything from solar panels to satelite phones, from hard-drive firmware to stepper motor controllers. He designed the circuitry for the MoPi hot-swap mobile Pi power supplies. (And he has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the post-fermentation properties of the Mavrud grape!)


Selcom (Lubo is head honcho at Selcom Custom Electronics.)

James Wallbank

James Wallbank

James is CEO of Access Space, who have a better Google ranking for the query "access space" than Nasa. James can almost certainly sell you a ticket to the moon at a much lower price than most people (though it may take a while longer to crank out a working space vehicle on the 3D printer).


Access Space

Directions to the Workshop

CADS, the Creative Arts Development Space 7 Smithfield, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S3.

You'll need to phone when you get here — there's no doorbell...

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