MoPi now Stocked in Switzerland and Canada


(and Sheffield and Milton Keynes!)

From Kickstarter to product: MoPi, our mobile power board for the Pi, has matured :-)

With more than a thousand out there in the wild, and an active community of users, we're now confident in the board's capabilities, and the strength of our software implementation (which continues to be available from the Pi Foundation's central repository — thanks folks!).

We've been approached by several retail organisations wanting to stock MoPi; as of now there are three places you can pick one up:

  • Buy a one of Canada’s leading retailers of microcomputers and micro-controllers and related goodies
  •, Swiss Pi specialist from Zürich
  • Cyntech in Milton Keynes,
  • and of course Pimoroni, Sheffield's extremely amazing Pi emporium

Now there's no excuse not to get your Pi out and about (except for the freezing weather...).

We've been working on a bunch of new projects, by the way, which will trickle into the blog just as soon as the 25 hour day gets invented :-)

In the meantime I'm hoping to post MoPi running a Pi version 2 in a day or two!

Pi 2

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