A Pi Bank for Sheffield Schools


We're putting together a bunch of Pi kits to lend out to Sheffield Schools.

This has been in the planning stages for a while now but a) we're finally ready to go and b) Martyn Eggleton from Access Space had the great idea of calling it a Pi Bank.

The Department of Computer Science at the University of Sheffield has previously given away 50 kits as part of our Ambassadors programme, but there's also been a lot of interest from schools who would like a visit with some Pi kits to get an idea of how they should get started with the Pi in the new curricula and so on.

Hence: a Pi Bank, with kits to take out around and about. The Uni has promised to bung us some dosh to kick it off, and Pimoroni are going to chip in too :-)

We'll include the basic Pi setup, and some very simple GPIO electronics projects. Later we'll add materials for the camera and for AirPi (from our Mobile Pi project). If you have ideas about other good stuff to include please leave a comment or tweet us on @PiTronics.

Pi-Oneers at the Cutlers
2013-10-02-children-and-animals.yam-Ambassadors day

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