Mobile Hot-Swap Power for the Pi


[MoPi is mobile, hot-swap and 24/7 power for the Raspberry Pi. How to order.]

Mobile power for the Pi — easy on the one hand, hard on the other: it is easy to plug in a 5v battery pack — but when it runs out your Pi gets a power cut that might well corrupt the SD card.

Over the last year we've been designing what we hope is the perfect mobile power solution for the Pi, which we're calling MoPi, and we've just taken delivery of the second generation prototype. I think it does pretty much everything you could want for your Pi on the go:

  • it will accept multiple sources, including standard AA batteries, or your car cigarette lighter, or an old laptop power supply or etc.
  • it will let you do hot-swap power replacement without stopping work
  • it will shutdown your Pi cleanly if the battery charge level gets too low, and it has a neat little power switch on the top to save you logging in to shutdown at other times,
  • it behaves like a UPS1 when the Pi is plugged into a mains supply
  • and it even fits in the Pibow (and other well-known Pi cases)

mopi prototype 2/1

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  1. UPS: Uninterruptible Power Supply

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