Help! My Toast is Burning!


No matter how much you love your Pi, some time or other you will inevitably be forced to leave it behind while you do something boring like go to work, or listen to your parents bang on about the need to get qualified, or another of those little annoyances that life seems so full of. Hey ho. If your Pi is running a sensor that you need to be kept in touch with, then you need a way of getting your Pi to notify you when something important happens. I use our flood alarm to keep a check on some dodgy plumbing in my basement, for example, and need to know PDQ if the house starts to fill up with cold wet stuff.

Our latest tutorial takes us through three options for telling the outside world about Stuff Going On from your Pi:

  1. via SMS text message to your phone, using a web service
  2. via SMS using a phone attached to the Pi
  3. via a Twitter post

Happy notipifications ☺

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