Pigs and Pi


I have a friend and colleague called Angus (fellow member of the silly-name-for-an-Englishman club) who is one of surely very few people who are both computer programmers and pig farmers. Down on the farm Angus recently had some building work done, and the other day he had an illuminating chat with one of the guys who did the work. They were talking about smart phones, and this lad (he's 25) happenned to mention that his father (who's 49) had programmed several phone apps for the family business. It turned out that dad had (like Angus) been the proud owner of a ZX Spectrum in the 1980s, and had been inspired to progamme by the combination of cheap hardware and an open learning environment. His son, in contrast, was served up with a diet of Microsoft word processing, and knows enough about computing to fill in the back of a postage stamp as a result.

So: let's get hacking on the Pi, and help get Pi stuff into schools so that kids have a chance to stay ahead of the technology wave as producers and not just consumers!

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