MoPi and the Pi 3: Good News and Bad


The bad news is that we've decided to withdraw comprehensive support for the Pi 3 with MoPi.

(The good news is that there's a new MoPi almost ready! More below...)

It turns out that there are some occasions when the higher current requirements of the Pi 3 trigger undervoltage conditions, and/or flip the built in autoresetting fuse :-(

So: don't buy MoPi to run a Pi 3 unless you're not running demanding applications, or you don't need to attach power-hungry peripherals.

If you've bought one for this purpose, our apologies. You have two options:

  • Send it back to us with your bank details and purchase invoice and we'll make you a full refund.
  • Use MoPi's high current configuration by slaving an additional PSU (e.g. a UBEC).

Here's an example circuit which we used to drive a power-hungry Qi display:

High current MoPi

Ok, moving swiftly on: the new MoPi is nearing readiness, and it will

  • run at up to 2.5A, enough even for the Pi 3 and plenty of peripherals
  • incorporate the UPS circuitry on-board
  • lots of other upgrades and goodies!

So, apologies for the gotcha with the Pi 3, and please watch this space for the new MoPi.

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